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Brew Assam's Organic Green Tea Of Healthy Sip

by Abhishek Mishra 05 Nov 2022
Brew Assam's Organic Green Tea Of Healthy Sip

Assam is one of the most beautiful and picturesque states situated in northeast India. Assam is full of spectacular adventure; it is an art in itself. Its beauty is clearly visible in the beautiful lush green tea fields. The magical mystic hills, wild range of forest life, and sparkling & streaming Brahmaputra River. Assam is one of the world's largest green tea-growing regions. Tea is a sensory mechanism that is savoured by our taste buds. It is so much more than a simple cup of tea. Nowadays, several online green tea portals are accessible on the internet.

The Inside Out Of Tea Bags

The tea from Assam has a luscious and seasoned boasting taste of a rich supply of plant compounds. That helps to rejuvenate yourself and boost immunity, and heart and brain health. However, when it comes to savouring the taste. Many microplastic tea bags would alter the organic taste of the tea. Primarily, it might be adulterated by these microplastic bags to which they are entitled. As they release microplastic from the bags when infused into the hot water. Recent, research shows that a single tea bag discharges over 11.6 billion microplastic in a hot cup of tea. Secondly, the tea dust spoils the authentic taste & experience of the natural tea leaves.

Our Dip For The Authentic Taste

We always strive for the best original taste of the best green tea for people. That's what motivated us to look beyond the empty abyss. Woolah means happiness in Assam. So we started to spread that happiness and taste all over India. Our founders of Woolahtea Truedip took the extra mile to build a brand that is natural & contains no added preservatives. Now our brand is accessible in the green tea online portal also. However, the process was not easy but not that difficult too.

As it is said, a fresh start is not about a change into a new place, but a new mindset. Therefore, here at Woolah Tea Truedip. We savour the authentic taste and aroma of the large, wiry leaves. That produces a smooth tasty liquor. Additionally, a radiant flavour that is grassy, creamy, and lightly fruity. These natural and pure herbaceous aftertastes of the tea are light and have no added astringency. It offers the best green tea in India. It is a genuine and exotic whole-leaf speciality tea brewing experience.


Benefits of Woolah

  1. Normal tea bags emit plastic, resulting in credit size of plastic in your gut. A tea-bag releases 11.6 billion micro plastic particles in your cup.
  2. Two full-Leaves and a bud which gives you wholesome flavours, anti-oxidants, and nutrition compared to inferior quality broken leaves tea-dust.

Our Objective

#Gobagless #NoMicroPlastic

Naturally Grown in Assam

  • No Pesticides
  • No Chemicals
  • No Adulteration
  • No Added Artificial Preservative

Raw Full-flavored Taste Of Green Tea

  • Large Wiry Leaves
  • Uncover The Purest Form Of Green Tea.
  • Organic green tea
  • Experience Genuine Tea


  • No Micro-plastics Tea Bags
  • No Plastic Residues
  • No Spoiled Tea Dust

More Cups with A Small Dip

  • Along With Authentic Taste, It Can Be Brewed Up To 3 Times
  • Pour
  • Sip
  • Repeat

No Tea Dust Particle

  • No Spoiled Tea Dust
  • Fully Natural Occurring Whole Leaf Teas
  • What You See Is What You Get

Natural Leaf Return To Nature Again

  • Zero Waste
  • It Goes Back To The Nature
  • Most Sustainable Tea Dip.
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