this is a thank you note

From your body and mind. From 140+ farmers and tea workers. From our planet. Read on to know why we are grateful.

enabling boutique

Your support helps our heroes of organic farming to make their hard work count, and make a sustainable living from it. You enable them to:

Grow tea without harmful chemicals

Earn up to 7 times more

Set up micro-factories and become tea producers

Encourage higher adoption of organic farming

rural women

Women are at the heart of our work, and your support helps them live a better life. Socially and economically challenged women of rural Assam now arrive at Woolah workstations on their two-wheelers. They shop during festivals to their heart’s content, with their hard-earned money. You help them:

Earn a regular livelihood

Get paid better for their work

Contribute to their families

Fund their children’s education

for making
our planet smile

After all, it is our home. Every small decision that helps protect and preserve the environment counts towards making a difference. By choosing Woolah, you give our planet:

Reduce teabag pollutants

100% compostable TrueDips

Recyclable packaging

Sustainable micro-batch production

better wellbeing

A regular teabag brews more than what you signed up for. It releases 11.6 billion microplastics in your cup. By choosing Woolah TrueDip, you cut out the toxins and enjoy:

Whole tea leaves

Pure bio-active antioxidants

Zero chemicals or preservatives

Authentic flavours of Assam

when we nourish ourselves and those around us,

we live better. we flourish.