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Settle Down the Tornado Around You with A Cup Of Tulsi Green Tea

by Abhishek Mishra 08 Nov 2022
Settle Down the Tornado Around You with A Cup Of Tulsi Green Tea

There is always a space for extra free stuff. So, do you desire an additional shot of jolt in your daylight cup of tea? Give a woolah truedip tea a try! To kick start your day with the natural essence of finely extracted green tea leaves. Without any microplastic bag or any spoiled tea dust. Only pure and natural leaves from the land of tea essence Assam. These green teas are large, smooth & wiry leaves. That stimulates a creamy & soft liquor with a radiant flavour that savours the taste for a long time. It is creamy, grassy, and lightly fruity flavoured. The herbaceous Tulsi Green Tea after taste and aroma are light and have no added astringent and preservatives.

  • It Contains Strong Bioactive Compounds That Are Beneficial To Our Health
  • Boost Up Your Immunity
  • Good For The Skin
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Increases Fat Burning & Reduces Calories
  • It Helps To Reduce Bad Breath And Halitosis
  • Tulsi Green Tea Refreshes Your Heart, Mind & Body.

Our Natural Cultivation

The tea experience varies from person to person. It is augmented and enriched by several ancient tea legends. That acquire adequate knowledge of how each tea leaf was nurtured, cultivated, and processed to arouse delicious, enchanting aromas. We at Woolahtea Truedips cultivate natural organic green tea. Under the supervision of specialists and tea growers that are well aware of every aspect of cultivating Assam Tea. Our main objective is to produce the purest and most authentic form of Assam Green Tea that money can buy.  The tea is cultivated, refined, and packaged fresh from an organic source without any adulteration with its natural elements. There are Zero added preservatives, astringents, or chemicals. Just the purest form of Assam Tea for you to taste and refresh.

Our products

Rare Green Tea + Tulsi

Settle down the Tornado chaos of life with a refreshing tulsi green tea. They are pure organic green tea leaves. With large wiry delicious unbroken green tea with tulsi leaves. The healing and medicinal properties of tulsi leaves rejuvenate and keep you active throughout the day. Enables you to be concentrated, calm, and composed even when the world is under a state of turbulence.

  • Naturally Organic in nature
  • Rare Speciality Tea with tulsi
  • Large Wholesome Leaves
  • Exotic Taste & Aroma
  • Hand-picked and crafted leaves
  • Genuine Antioxidant form
  • Bio-active antioxidants for your body
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

The Brewing Process

It is super easy, effortless, convenient & free from any artificial synthetic sediments. So that you can experience the natural taste of green tea with tulsi. That transmits the fondness of our culture, tradition, and flavour in just 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Fill the cup with hot water (200-250ml) which is about 100°C and place the Truedip into the cup.

STEP 2: Cover the lid of the cup & let the Truedip steep in for exactly 5 mins.

STEP 3: After 5 mins draw the Truedip out and you are ready to savour the refreshing taste of green tea to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Note: One Truedip can be brewed for 2-3 potent cups of tea.

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