We are tea growers and connoisseurs from small organic farms in Assam. Our purpose is rooted in creating authentic and pure tea as nature meant it to be - free from chemicals, pesticides, and toxins that harm us and our planet. Our efforts since 2016 have connected us with a community of organic farmers, enterprising rural women, and planet positive practices. This inspired us to innovate towards benefiting you, our community and the planet.

We’re living in a culture that makes mass-produced, convenient products profitable and available, while authentic ones are rare to find. Cutting out the harmful isn’t always simple. But small, mindful choices do make a difference.

Woolah is our humble offering for an authentic and nourishing lifestyle. So you can curate what’s good for you.

values that guide us

Serve The Freshest Tea

Tea is not a beverage; it’s our culture. A way of life. We make sure that this daily ritual is a pure, fresh, and delicious experience, each day.

Innovate for Greater Good

As the smartest species on this planet, we put our intellect into creating meaningful profits – the wellbeing of people, our community, and our planet.

Nurture Our Community

On the path of progress, no one gets left behind. We empower
our plantation worker community to achieve their ambitions through a steady livelihood.

Make The Earth Smile

This planet is our loving home. She gifts us joy and nourishment. It’s our turn to take care of her, by reducing plastic pollutants.

Brew A Change

To inspire a different world, we need to be the change the world can follow. We work hard and spread the word on what’s good for us and our environment.

tea producers and connoisseurs by experience.

tea activists at heart.






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woolah means ‘happiness’ in

true happiness comes from wellbeing.
may every cup of woolah bring you joy and health.