Rare Green Tea + Tulsi

Organically Grown

No Microplastics

Whole Tea Leaves

Single Origin Goodness

Authentic Flavour

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Pack-of: 30 Bagless Dip

Delivery in 2-6 days

Keep your faith in the powers of Tulsi. Our Rare Green Tea + Tulsi perfectly pairs the goodness of green tea with the wholesome flavour of tulsi leaves. Each cup gives you the purest form of bio-active antioxidants, freshly plucked from the tea gardens of Assam.


Tasting Notes: Soft & Clean mouth feel of fresh young tea leaves with fresh scent of tulsi (holy basil) leaves with spicy notes of clove and herbaceous finish.

Rare Green Tea + Tulsi

Rare Green Tea + Tulsi

₹900.00 ₹859.00

Rare Green Tea + Tulsi

₹900.00 ₹859.00
Pack-of: 30 Bagless Dip

woolah tea ritual

Is your tea break truly a break?
Take a 5-minute pause from multitasking and constant thoughts,
and refresh your mind.

brew your perfect cup

Place in a cup

Pour boiling water

Steep for 5 mins

Sip and savour


Do not pour the boiling water first, always place the dip first and then pour boiling water.

make good things last

1 TrueDip makes two cups of flavourful tea.
Refrigerate your TrueDip and brew it the next day.

tea loves company

Recipes that pair up perfectly with
your favourite cup of Woolah tea.

see recipes

bye microplastics.
hello TrueDip.

We found that a single teabag releases up to 11.6 billion microplastics in your cup. This led us to create the world’s first bagless teadip. Made with whole tender tea leaves, grown organically and sustainably. Let’s keep out the toxins, and enjoy the purest form of bioactive antioxidants with Woolah TrueDips.

good for community & planet

Support Boutique Farmers

Employing Rural Women

Educating Workers’ Children

100% Compostable

Recyclable Packaging

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        frequently asked questions

        Green tea is a type of tea made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed to retain the most important antioxidants and beneficial catechins like EGCG and theanine. Our RARE GREEN TEA + TULSI is made only from the two tender leaves and a bud at the top of the tea plant, which are richest in ‘catechins’ and ‘theanine’ and organically grown tender tulsi leaves which have many health benefits like immunity booster, reduces stress, good for heart, purifies blood & helps fight diabetes.

        Our Rare Green Tea + Tulsi tastes more like green tea with overpowering notes of tulsi leaves.

        Just like vegetables andfruits, every season produces a distinct taste and flavour that nature has tooffer. It primarily depends on climatic conditions, soil health, and the numberof beneficial microorganisms present in the soil. The same is in the case oftea, each and every season comes with a unique characteristic and each seasonis termed as a flush like First Flush for Spring teas, Second and Third forSummer & Autumnal teas respectively.

        Commercial teas generally tastesimilar throughout the year as the teas from different seasons and of differentqualities (both poor and good quality) are blended to match their taste vsprice. Blending teas from different seasons means having a certain amount ofold-season teas in each and every cup, which is the reason it lacks taste and refreshment.

        Our teas taste different because weproduce only single-origin unblended teas which means each and every batch iscrafted and sealed at the source to retain all the freshness, the best of theflavors, nutrition and refreshment the two leaves and a bud has to offer.

        Truedips are Crafted in microbatches, each batch comes with its own eccentric taste & aroma. So everycup of WOOLAH’S TrueDips is a cheerful rendezvous with nature and itsbewildering flavours. WithZERO harmful residues, ZERO preservatives, ZERO plastic or toxic chemicals,TrueDips is not just a delight foryour body but also for our ailing ecosystem.

        TrueDips are the world's first bagless tea dips.
        We call it Truedips because this is how a dip should be, with 2 whole leaves and a bud, which brings you the best tea experience in terms of flavours and nutrition.

        The other important reason is teabags contain a large number of microplastics, your monthly consumption of plastic could be about a credit card size of plastic in your gut. With the truedips, you are consuming pure tea and zero plastic.

        Organic Teas use no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers, to grow or process the tea after it is harvested. Instead, farmers use natural processes to create a sustainable tea crop.

        There are nylon tea bags & there are paper tea bags. Nylon teabags are 100% full of plastic, but even paper teabags, what will happen if you dip the paper in the water? You need plastic along with the paper to prevent the tearing of the bag. And this is the reason we have to get rid of the bag and serve you with dip only.

        Why is whole grain or whole rice superior? Because they retain a higher amount of nutrition than the broken ones. Green tea is normally consumed for its antioxidants and other values that are good for weight management, skin & overall well-being. The whole leaf is able to retain these properties better. And our green tea without any preservatives will make you wonder if green teas are meant to be bitter.

        more flavours. same goodness.