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World's First

Bagless Teadips


The presence of True unbroken Whole Leaf tea leaves makes multiple cups of tea brewing possible from just 1 TRUEDIP

0 st Brew
5 Mins Steep
0 nd Brew
5 Mins Steep
0 rd Brew
5 Mins Steep

Sustainably & Organically Grown

Zero Pesticides & Zero Micro Plastics

Purest Plant Super Fuel & Potent Antioxidants

Compression technology to retain freshness

Experience real exotic tea leaves

The bagless tea revolution crafted by our artisnal tea masters lets you enjoy the magical authentic flavour of two leaves and a bud

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The Ultimate
Green Tea

The exotic aroma and its Godly benefits locked in our TreuDips to give you the wild taste and the real boost of antioxidants for healthy functioning.

Conscious Self-Care

We combine science + research to bring the purest exotic experience in your cup.

Our revolutionary innovation uplifts the strength of your vital physical construct. Brought from the nature’s best, we have created the purest form of whole leaf tea to pamper your senses and experience the effortless joy of enjoying an astounding cup of clean tea.

Thank You

We are at awe by your overwhelming love and support that you have showered upon us. We make sure everything is garden fresh and delivered to you in its raw state.

The magical, two leaves and a bud, will flourish with the first rain of the season. We are working day and night to fill in the finest harvest so that the quality is not compromised nor does your trust.

We would eagerly wait for your order.  Stay Connected!

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Made the switch?


For now you can take the happy sip without any micro plastics in your cup.


Based on 45 reviews.
Neel Shah
Neel Shah
Ordered the tea after watching a video on YouTube ... Loved the concept and the quality is amazing too ! Highly recommended to anyone who loves tea and wants to have a sustainable life style and support rural businesses
Barnali Borah
Barnali Borah
Great innovative idea ..loved the experience of freshly brewed tea without the tea bags and the quality and taste of every flavours.
Debjyoti Saha
Debjyoti Saha
Amazing taste with a totally new concept, love the thought of eliminating the age old tea bag!
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