Like a magic
in your cup.

A Burst of real tea flavours in just 5 mins

Still consuming 11.6 Billion micro-plastics every time a teabag is brewed?*

We found a better & a plastic-free way to brew exotic real leaf tea.

Forget unpleasant teabag experiences, fear of the pesticides, toxic micro-plastics & bitter memories!

What makes Truedips so amazing?

Organically Grown

Zero Pesticides, Zero Additives, Zero Chemicals. Enjoy guilt free

Raw Exotic Taste

Discover tea in its purest form, close to the nature. Experience real tea

Worry free, Plastic free

Micro-plastics released from teabags can cause cancer. #GoBagless

Small dip, more cups

Each tea dip can be brewed upto 3 times. Pour. Steep. Repeat

Tender tea leaves

Carefully plucked tender 2 leaves and a bud only. Tender leaf, big flavour

Purest Anti-oxidants in leaves

Assam tea contains highest amount of anti-oxidants. Super skinfood

No tea dust or broken tea leaves

Innovated the true standard of whole leaf teas. What you see is what you get

Natural leaf, zero waste

Goes back tro the future & great food for your planters. Most Sustainable teadip

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Youโ€™ve tasted tea. But not TrueDips.

An innovative, Easy-to-Brew product that locks in the authentic Assam Tea flavors in their truest forms to give you the meanest cuppa Assam Tea experience


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Go To Hell Plastic!

Woolah Tea pledges to shun plastic for good. Consider us plasticโ€™s arch nemesis! Every TrueDip is made of eco-friendly materials and contains ZERO plastic. So while our earth smiles a little, You can go Par-tea!

We all win!

Woolahโ€™s pursuit is to create the happiest tea brand through its immaculate Value Chain. It works closely with organically grown micro tea farms which generates fair employment opportunities for more than 100 rural women which invariably helps them to elevate their living standards.

Good For Plants!

The brewed tea leaves work well in fertilizing indoor plants because they add essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus to the potting soil. So after you are done consuming a Truedip, you can place it on the houseplant pots.ย Happy Hoomans. Happier plants.

Donโ€™t take our word for it


I have been listening to my body. It seems I am doing a good job. Tea never felt the same.

Isha Dwivedi

New Delhi


I first bought my first box to try the new brand. Now it has become my second nature. Cannot skip my Chai time with Woolah.

Sanjana Sharma



I feel so much healthier since starting to woolah tea regularly. I use it as a substitute for coffee, a pre and post-workout, and hangover helper. It's helped me in many ways and I love that it doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners. Cheers!

Monuranjan Bharadwaj



I have never known green tea tasted this good. Now I can't start my day without it. I feel like I am sipping the exotic floral flavors in the valleys of Assam.

Prastutee Goswami



I am constantly running. Work and home. Life surrounds it. With Woolah it seems I found my lone time.

Himadri C