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        killer immunity

        TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
        Assam Black Tea Tulsi| TRUEDIPS

        The power punch combination of black tea and the mighty Tulsi that gives you your perfect companion to fight for your immunity. Its antimicrobial properties enhance the life force maintaining the expectancy and drains the lethal fluids, aiding your body.

        dirty detox

        TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
        Assam Green Tea Tulsi | TRUEDIPS

        Fight your intramural toxics with the help of our imperishable blend of Tulsi and green tea. It will not only cleanse your body but also provide that extra boost to revitalize your instinctive capabilities.

        filthy WHITE

        TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
        Assam White Tea | TRUEDIPS
        The nebulous two leaf and a bud plucked in its virgin state, gives you the essence of that heavenly warmth in every zealous sip.Inspired by “Shoumei Style” white tea ,we give you a vivacious push of Caffeine and Luxuriant antioxidants that will aide the vital consistency of metabolism and combats the undesired bug unlocking your tapped senses.

        filthy green

        TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
        Assam Green Tea | TRUEDIPS
        The lifeblood of antioxidants that directly extends from the trees to your cup. The bioactive compounds help you to prevent cell damage, creating that prodigious skin food that keeps your spirit young and the unwanted toxin at bay.

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