Our Tea

Small Boutique Tea Farms

Woolah Tea which was imagined, conceptualized and curated in
the largest tea growing region of the world, Assam. The choicest, hand-plucked
tea leaves are sourced from organically grown boutique tea farms of the region.
The true single origin tea, produced in small batches guarantees top-notch tea
quality Every. Single. Time.

Supporting Micro Organic Tea Producers

Since its very inception, the founders of Woolah Tea
envisioned the idea of building a sustainable value-chain that would provide a livelihood to the people of the region. Cut to today, Woolah Tea has become a lynchpin in empowering Artisanal & Micro tea producers, who are the real Grassroot entrepreneurs, in flexing their wings.

Small Tea producers who were otherwise struggling to sell
their produce at a decent price now have a bigger market and a robust pipeline to sell their produce and in the process have garnered a sustainable source of livelihood. As more jobs are generated, more families have been able to climb up the ladder towards a better life.

Sustainable Farming Practices

This way a sustainable cycle got formed as the pool of tea growers, skilled in producing the specialty tea, provided us with the best quality tea which goes into the making of the Woolah Tea. The farmers work cohesively with nature, practicing regenerative agriculture that seeds our organic approach since the very beginning. And the same reflects in every sip you take.

Empowering Rural Women

There is no rocket science involved in creating something
earnest and genuinely heartfelt. Woolah Tea has been promoting the cause of sustainability with modes of alternative livelihood. Through its projects, Woolah has been able to give gainful employment to hundreds of women and inspire many more to come forward and earn an independent identity in the society for themselves.

Woolah Tea’s determination towards creating projects and
conducive environment for enabling women folks to come forward and stand for themselves has created a revolution and generated silent ripples across the region. But there’s miles to go, it has just gotten started!

Zero Plastic Packaging

And at Woolah we are relentless towards the fight against usage of plastic. Our products are produced with completely eco-friendly materials. Each and every part of the manufacturing process is devoid of any
usage of plastic or any other toxic material that poses a threat to the ecosystem or even to your gut.

At the risk of sounding a little preachy, we believe it is not just our duty, but our moral responsibility to do our bit to preserve our environment which, believe it or not, is the only place known to humankind that can sustain life!

Zero additives more happiness

Woolah Tea’s commitment to health starts in the soil and bullishly works on researching and experimenting to provide you tea that is at its organic best.

There’s absolutely No additives. No preservatives. No harmful residues. Just a completely green & happy cuppa tea for you to relish with 0% Guilt.

Tea in its purest form

Keeping in mind the importance of natural uniformity, the quality of the tea leaves is strictly ‘whole leaf’ where the natural flavours
are kept intact in its authentic form. The tender leaves are plucked in a special manner which is colloquially called ‘Eti koli duti paat’ i.e. in ‘two leaves & one bud’ formation, which FYI, is the gold standard of tea plucking which is unique to Assam tea. processed immediately to retain the unique freshness and flavour. Tea leaves are Devoid of any sort of tea dust or broken leaves in the tea bags, Woolah Tea has kept the essential whole leaf tea true to its form without tempering with its goodness and natural elements which ensures an enduring and healthy experience.
It is processed immediately after plucking, which helps in preserving natural aroma and its rich antioxidant. The TrueDips is laced with an exquisite malty flavour and deep amber colour which can be brewed multiple times till the flavor fades away. Woolah Tea is probably the most authentic and organic version of tea that humankind has been able to experience!