Four Elements

What makes the World renowned OG “Assam Tea” legendary? While a lot has been discussed and researched regarding its strong, nutrient-rich malty flavor, we believe it is just nature’s craftsmanship at play performing its divine abracadabra. At Woolah Tea we respect this divine intervention of the 4 Elements that combine their forces to create magic. And we do not dare tinker with its rich, authentic form. Ever!

The way the sun delicately bakes in this part of the region helps in nurturing the perfect equilibrium of heat and temperature. The daytime temperature rises to about 36 °C (96.8 °F), creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat.
This tropical climate contributes to AssamTea’s exotic malty taste, a feature that has tantalized the entire globe over the years.


Assam traditionally experiences high rainfall, which acts as a blessing in disguise. During monsoon, it peaks to as much as 250 to 300 mm (10 to 12 in) of rain per day.
That’s a lot of waterworks!  

The climate extends between a cool, arid winter and a hot, humid rainy season that facilitates the conditions perfect for opulent tea production. The region is a goldmine of natural resources. With rainfall ranging from 100 to 150 inches per year, greenery remains around the lush gardens which have a role to play in its elixir-esque flavors.


Assam Tea is majorly cultivated around the valley of the Brahmaputra River, an area of clay soil rich in the nutrients of the floodplain. The potency & fertility of the soil facilitates in fostering rich, full-bodied, bright tea liquor.

For people who like their cuppa tea to be bright, strong & punchy, Assam is "your cup of tea." The low altitude, rich loamy soil conditions, ample rainfall and unique climate have their overarching contribution towards producing some of the finest orthodox leaf tea.


What also adds that extra oomph to the character of Assam Tea is the humid air of the Brahmaputra valley. With monsoon comes the extreme humidity which pumps the extraordinary flavors into the tea leaves and makes every cup a reinvigorating and memorable