Our Woo...some Story

We tried to gather the best from the heart of Assam and its relish of nature. With a dash of freshness from the morning breeze and the first light of early sun, we created Woolah to enchant your senses taking you through the roller-coaster ride of happiness.

The sunny side of our brand seeks to tickle the tiniest pleasure that seemed trivial.

With the brain storm of innovation, we have cut down the complexity of brewing so that you can enjoy an astounding cup of easy clean tea experiencing the effortless joy in every sip..

Happy Beginning​

Our teas are proudly imagined in Assam and sourced from tea leaf theory special boutique farms where the true single origin limited batch artisanal teas are produced.

Working in favour of the natural uniformity, the quality of leaves is strictly wholeleaf where the natural flavours are kept intact as in the wild, without any adulteration.

Engrossed in a far sightedness research and back by exceptional experimental stations, there have been numerous milestones of innovations that has made us to create many patent pending production technologies and we promise you that this is definitely not the last on our list. 

Our Boutiques Tea Farms[Source]

Gathering a few selective farmers around the state, we decided to move ahead in setting up different experimental stations as the base for our specialty tea production.

With our passion and spirited enthusiasm of the farmers, we gradually evolved to a stage where the production quality kept evolving into its best form giving the strict wholeleaf quality without any compromise in the authenticity of flavours and raw goodness.

We have now gradually, levitated to a special recognition around the globe where we have created quality boutique tea farms creating our special artisans.


We have put all our strength in creating a brand that seeks green liberation  and have tried to bring you the best by giving you the quintessential experience of that happy cup of tea.

Our Team



A junkie for innovations and the spine of all research and development, our founder is fuelled by creating something new. Not only he juggles with the skill of marketing and building brands, he also makes sure to deliver his passion and keep the team spirit intact.



Our techno savvy co founder makes sure that the cyber junction is streaming without any glitch. He holds the crux of the financial anatomy and detangles the complexes of our analytics.*


Digital and Customer Relations

Our socializer makes sure that we have that superhighway of digital vogue. We build our foundation on relationships, thus our lady makes sure that we are in absolute motion to keep our beaming troops satisfied. *



The sole figure who looks into the operations of packaging and dispatch. With his impulsive hard work and commitment, he flags the smooth processing conveying delight all the way.


Operations & Logistics

The wingman who maps the operational directions. He helps to ease up the complications by contending the logistics and also makes sure to keep the work space a conflict free zone. *

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      Merging with the revolution of sustainable movement, we have tried to do our part for the same. We have encapsulated our package in a way where there is no obligation for the extra waste, minimizing the consequential ill effects on earth. We have kept in mind the existential problem of plastic and hence tried to shun away its usage. Both our outer and inner packages are entirely biodegradable. The inclusive focus might be on the aesthetics and craft but we have thrived to equally balance the functionality, contributing a little more for the better tomorrow.

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      Welcome Back

      killer immunity

      TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
      Assam Black Tea Tulsi| TRUEDIPS

      The power punch combination of black tea and the mighty Tulsi that gives you your perfect companion to fight for your immunity. Its antimicrobial properties enhance the life force maintaining the expectancy and drains the lethal fluids, aiding your body.

      dirty detox

      TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
      Assam Green Tea Tulsi | TRUEDIPS

      Fight your intramural toxics with the help of our imperishable blend of Tulsi and green tea. It will not only cleanse your body but also provide that extra boost to revitalize your instinctive capabilities.

      filthy WHITE

      TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
      Assam White Tea | TRUEDIPS
      The nebulous two leaf and a bud plucked in its virgin state, gives you the essence of that heavenly warmth in every zealous sip.Inspired by “Shoumei Style” white tea ,we give you a vivacious push of Caffeine and Luxuriant antioxidants that will aide the vital consistency of metabolism and combats the undesired bug unlocking your tapped senses.

      filthy green

      TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
      Assam Green Tea | TRUEDIPS
      The lifeblood of antioxidants that directly extends from the trees to your cup. The bioactive compounds help you to prevent cell damage, creating that prodigious skin food that keeps your spirit young and the unwanted toxin at bay.