Myth Buster


Let us smoothly take you through these effective ideas to make your teasome journey an accident free zone.

#Fact There are only a single species of parent plant camellia sinesis, from which the tea leaves goes through different processes to produce white tea, green tea, black tea or oolong tea.
While green tea does contain a generous amount of antioxidants, it doesn’t means the others don’t. We have diverted our attention on what stays in hype. Plunging in the knowledge is fun, for we create the choice in believing what we read or see.
Wholeleaf tea in general, provides much deeper, richer and fuller flavours than tea bags, which typically contains dust or fannings of tea. Also some tea bags contain 25% of plastics and release many particles while brewing.The tea in tea bags often doesn’t allow the tea to flavour the water fully as looseleaf tea.Natural/wholeleaf tea needs room to expand and mix thoroughly and we are not taking chance with that.
The geographic and conditions in which tea is cultivated affects its quality and flavour profile. Therefore, not all teas are created equal.There are different types of tea belonging to a particular terroir.The consumers are often comforted by knowing where their tea comes from for environmental and ethical reasons and it can help them understand the different flavour profiles of different source locations. The stronger the connection between the tea source and the drinker, the stronger the appreciation for the tea, its maker and the industry. Appreciating tea also comes from understanding the difference in types of tea and how they are processed.T-e-a-ducation!!

No wonder we are well aware of the magical benefits of tea, but more importantly we’re taking some time out of our busy schedule to enjoy a smooth self time.

It might be only for a few minutes but in relieving many symptoms, relaxing is a great move towards fighting all sorts of disease and ailments.


Myth busting is a thirsty work. Tea anyone??!!!

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      Merging with the revolution of sustainable movement, we have tried to do our part for the same. We have encapsulated our package in a way where there is no obligation for the extra waste, minimizing the consequential ill effects on earth. We have kept in mind the existential problem of plastic and hence tried to shun away its usage. Both our outer and inner packages are entirely biodegradable. The inclusive focus might be on the aesthetics and craft but we have thrived to equally balance the functionality, contributing a little more for the better tomorrow.

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      TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
      Assam Black Tea Tulsi| TRUEDIPS

      The power punch combination of black tea and the mighty Tulsi that gives you your perfect companion to fight for your immunity. Its antimicrobial properties enhance the life force maintaining the expectancy and drains the lethal fluids, aiding your body.

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      Fight your intramural toxics with the help of our imperishable blend of Tulsi and green tea. It will not only cleanse your body but also provide that extra boost to revitalize your instinctive capabilities.

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      The nebulous two leaf and a bud plucked in its virgin state, gives you the essence of that heavenly warmth in every zealous sip.Inspired by “Shoumei Style” white tea ,we give you a vivacious push of Caffeine and Luxuriant antioxidants that will aide the vital consistency of metabolism and combats the undesired bug unlocking your tapped senses.

      filthy green

      TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
      Assam Green Tea | TRUEDIPS
      The lifeblood of antioxidants that directly extends from the trees to your cup. The bioactive compounds help you to prevent cell damage, creating that prodigious skin food that keeps your spirit young and the unwanted toxin at bay.