Chasing the Best

The reason that we are so deeply engrossed in giving away the best, as we try to maintain our relationship beyond the economical graphics.We have engineered the highest standard quality products that cease to be one of the kind.

"THE TEA LEAF THEORY" of organic love

There is no rocket science involved in creating something pure. The tea leaf theory, since 2015, has been promoting the cause of sustainability with various modes of alternative livelihood.Working cohesively, we have focused in the greener picture at large. The process of production is inclined towards the organic side that discards the use of harmful residues. This has not only contributed in the human construct but also contributes in the organic health of the soil.These are our brainchild the creation of which was not an accident. We have imagined, planned, formulated and executed our work that shaped into a product, aiming to blow minds and bring more of our awe inspiring innovations.

The elixir of antioxidants is for everyone to enjoy. The inhibiting oxidation creates a chemical chain reaction that causes cell damage in the organisms. The protective polyphenols, of which mostly active are cathechins which are naturally found green tea, acts as a defence mechanism and includes the appurtenance of luxury.

The insurgence of the royal herb, Tulsi, is not sudden but, it has been effectively vital in the tradition of many generations evolving throughout the history. We have fused this miraculous herb with our unique tea batches that need no further proof or research to consume the divine goodness.

We look out for our own; therefore we have apprehended the knowledge to spread it like a wild fire. We have created the strict wholeleaf quality tea, diverting from the hideous tea dust to keep its potential qualities intact. We have worked with trust and honesty to stand with the nature of sustainable revolution.

Assam Tea

Being the largest Tea Growing region  in the world,Assam Tea is commonly known for its Brisk and Malty Flavour, where we have surpassed to creat and develop new flavours to provide a moment of wonder in your life .

Fresh from the source

We have created an emotion of that spectacular freshness delivered only from the source in Assam. Our Rare Artisanal Hand Crafted teas are heat-sealed in Air Tight sustainable Packaging within 24 hours of production.

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      Merging with the revolution of sustainable movement, we have tried to do our part for the same. We have encapsulated our package in a way where there is no obligation for the extra waste, minimizing the consequential ill effects on earth. We have kept in mind the existential problem of plastic and hence tried to shun away its usage. Both our outer and inner packages are entirely biodegradable. The inclusive focus might be on the aesthetics and craft but we have thrived to equally balance the functionality, contributing a little more for the better tomorrow.

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      killer immunity

      TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
      Assam Black Tea Tulsi| TRUEDIPS

      The power punch combination of black tea and the mighty Tulsi that gives you your perfect companion to fight for your immunity. Its antimicrobial properties enhance the life force maintaining the expectancy and drains the lethal fluids, aiding your body.

      dirty detox

      TRUE ORIGIN | Rare Crafted
      Assam Green Tea Tulsi | TRUEDIPS

      Fight your intramural toxics with the help of our imperishable blend of Tulsi and green tea. It will not only cleanse your body but also provide that extra boost to revitalize your instinctive capabilities.

      filthy WHITE

      TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
      Assam White Tea | TRUEDIPS
      The nebulous two leaf and a bud plucked in its virgin state, gives you the essence of that heavenly warmth in every zealous sip.Inspired by “Shoumei Style” white tea ,we give you a vivacious push of Caffeine and Luxuriant antioxidants that will aide the vital consistency of metabolism and combats the undesired bug unlocking your tapped senses.

      filthy green

      TRUE ORIGIN |Rare Crafted
      Assam Green Tea | TRUEDIPS
      The lifeblood of antioxidants that directly extends from the trees to your cup. The bioactive compounds help you to prevent cell damage, creating that prodigious skin food that keeps your spirit young and the unwanted toxin at bay.