Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea
Rare Assam White Tea

Rare Assam White Tea

Get Relaxed! Enjoy slow evenings after a crazy day at work Ingredients: 🍃 ORGANICALLY GROWN FINE UNBROKEN WHITE TEA LEAVES

Wholesome Leaves

Single Origin

Purest Anti-oxidant


Exotic Taste

Relieves Stress

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Inspired from the traditional Chinese “Shoumei” style crafting technique, RARE ASSAM WHITE TEA is the perfect companion drink for your “ME time” for those slow evenings after a crazy day at work.

Sip on it and let your hair down, listen to some music, or read a novel. Allow the powerful antioxidants and smooth therapeutic aroma soothe and relax your body and mind.



The Woolah team is composed of tea connoisseurs, tea growers who are well-versed with every aspect of producing Assam Tea. With Woolah TrueDips, the sole attempt is to create the most authentic form of Assam Tea that money can buy. The bagless teadips lock in the rich natural elements and release themselves once dipped in hot water, ensuring strong flavorful cuppa tea every damn time. The tea is produced, processed and packaged fresh from the source point without fiddling with its natural elements. There’s absolutely Zero added chemicals or preservatives. Just the Realest Assam Tea for you to savour.

We all consume Green Tea but what is Green tea? Lets find out...

What are you consuming?

Plastic or Tea

High-quality Organic whole leaf Low-grade tea dust
Rich and Flavourful due to large surface. Synthesised to taste.
Less Bitter due to slow release of chemical compound. Added Sugar or Bitter in taste..


White tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties because it is very minimally and naturally processed. While black, green, white and oolong teas all originate from the same plant but crafted with different processing techniques, resulting in very different kinds of tea.

White tea is harvested before the tea plant’s leaves open fully, when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs, hence the name “white” tea. However, there are several ways of producing white tea & Woolah’s Rare Assam White tea is inspired by Shou Mei-styled ancient white teas. It is made from the two tender leaves and a bud at the top of the tea plant, which are richest in ‘catechins’ and ‘theanine’ – two vital medicinal compounds. In fact, natural antioxidants are concentrated in the two leaves and bud. It’s also the best part of the tea plant that gives your cup its original taste, flavour and aroma with immense healthy goodness.

The medium levels of caffeine in white teas work as a mood booster and also help fight skin damage and stress because of their high antioxidant content. It brews a flavourful delicate cup with lingering notes of honey, flowers and malt.

Just like vegetables andfruits, every season produces a distinct taste and flavour that nature has tooffer. It primarily depends on climatic conditions, soil health, and the numberof beneficial microorganisms present in the soil. The same is in the case oftea, each and every season comes with a unique characteristic and each seasonis termed as a flush like First Flush for Spring teas, Second and Third forSummer & Autumnal teas respectively.

Commercial teas generally tastesimilar throughout the year as the teas from different seasons and of differentqualities (both poor and good quality) are blended to match their taste vsprice. Blending teas from different seasons means having a certain amount ofold-season teas in each and every cup, which is the reason it lacks taste and refreshment.

Our teas taste different because weproduce only single-origin unblended teas which means each and every batch iscrafted and sealed at the source to retain all the freshness, the best of theflavors, nutrition and refreshment the two leaves and a bud has to offer.

Truedips are Crafted in microbatches, each batch comes with its own eccentric taste & aroma. So everycup of WOOLAH’S TrueDips is a cheerful rendezvous with nature and itsbewildering flavours. With ZERO harmful residues, ZERO preservatives, ZERO plastic or toxic chemicals, TrueDips is not just a delight foryour body but also for our ailing ecosystem.

TrueDips are the world's first bagless tea dips.
We call it Truedips because this is how a dip should be, with 2 whole leaves and a bud, which brings you the best tea experience in terms of flavours and nutrition.

The other important reason is teabags contain a large number of microplastics, your monthly consumption of plastic could be about a credit card size of plastic in your gut. With the truedips, you are consuming pure tea and zero plastic.

Organic Teas use no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers, to grow or process the tea after it is harvested. Instead, farmers use natural processes to create a sustainable tea crop.

There are nylon tea bags & there are paper tea bags. Nylon teabags are 100% full of plastic, but even paper teabags, what will happen if you dip the paper in the water? You need plastic along with the paper to prevent the tearing of the bag. And this is the reason we have to get rid of the bag and serve you with dip only.

Why is whole grain or whole rice superior? Because they retain a higher amount of nutrition than the broken ones. Green tea is normally consumed for its antioxidants and other values that are good for weight management, skin & overall well-being. The whole leaf is able to retain these properties better. And our green tea without any preservatives will make you wonder if green teas are meant to be bitter.

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