Happiness & Beyond!

We tried to gather the best from the heart of Assam and its relish of nature. With a dash of freshness from the morning breeze and the first light of early sun, we created Woolah to enchant your senses taking you through the roller-coaster ride of happiness.
Hi, How You Brewin’?

“When life throws hot water, dip a Truedip and relish it.”

The founders of Woolah literally took that idea and built a brand out of it. As they say, all amazing innovations germinate out of personal pain points, Upamanyu & Anshuman, two lifelong Tea aficionados, dreaded about the fact that there was absolutely no brand that makes most authentic and exotic whole leaf speciality tea brewing super easy effortless, convenient & free from synthetic residues. Like the type they had grown reading in the folklores. It was for them, a matter of real concern considering Assam being the world’s single largest tea growing region. They set out on a crusade to fix that problem with a handfull of organic tea growers around Assam in 2015, which later gave birth to the phenomenon called Woolah Truedips.

Now, Woolah TrueDips is nothing like you have ever tasted or experienced. Woolah TrueDips is the World’s First Bagless Tea, which in the shape of a tablet locks in the most authentic and exotic Assam tea flavors you have ever tasted.

In the heart of Woolah is a meticulously curated value chain which provides gainful earning sources to organically grown micro tea farm owners, tea workers, packaging specialists. It has also delegated women workers to participate and earn a livelihood for themselves. Woolah also contributes towards funding quality education for the children of tea workers. The idea was to reintroduce everyone to the OG that is Assam Tea, in its most natural, original form, while also keeping it 100% eco-friendly and creating a thriving value chain that gainfully supports and empowers an entire gamut of communities. So, come join the par-TEA.. You will love it here.

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