“Fresh, honest and authentic”

The only mantra that we truly live by.
How we began

When we started our journey back in 2016 with our ‘The Tea Leaf Theory,’ initiative we scoured for the best quality tea, and luckily, we found authentic tea farmers and tea without any adulteration. Still, we were disappointed by something that was not expected at all.

We always believed in gathering the best from the heart of Assam and sharing that freshness with the world; we realised that sharing that freshness came at a cost.

Turns out the most authentic organic tea growers who don't use any form of pesticides or growth promoters and used to make a living by selling green leaves to large inorganic factories were paid the least amount in return for their all-organic tea leaves. And this was the case all around. 

Powering our superheroes

Since tea fields always felt like home to us, we always made sure that people contributing to our brand must never feel out of place. We have a simple belief: To spread freshness in every corner of the world with a sustainability motto. We have built long-lasting relationships with the tea growers and the women farm workers who help Woolah stand out of the crowd and ensure that every team member is treated respectfully with fair wages and better working conditions. We love their dedication to helping us spread the magical aroma of Assam everywhere in the world.

We have never taken CSR as a task, but empowering the people who help us share our goal was permanently engraved in us.

Helping farmers become producers

This was the major reason why these intensive farmers were doing their best but we're getting the bare minimum to sustain themselves. It was finally time that we buckled up and started connecting with these growers and helped them to set up micro-organic factories of their own. Micro tea producers now make 7x higher revenues. These factories also double as our experimental stations so that the research to produce better teas never stops.

Also helping nearby organic tea growers realise 3x better prices for their crops when they sell in our micro-organic factories for processing, thus motivating more farmers to adopt organic farming to bring some balance into the ecology.

Empowering women

The socially and economically challenged women are now riding to our workstations on their two-wheelers. We are proud that we can share success in ways that help us sustain a lasting bond with these empowered women.

Our success as a business depends on the faith and freedom of the hardworking organic tea growers and women workers at the source. Integrity helps us grow our brand and build a personal connection with our employees.

We have helped rural women to be more empowered and independent with fair and much better wages than industry standards.

Doing things right!

Since the dawn of Woolah (an Assamese word meaning happiness), we have managed to spread loads of happiness by generating employment for authentic growers.

We have enabled women changemakers at Woolah to overcome cultural and economic barriers by offering job skills to them and providing their children with best resources like books, stationeries and education support, ensuring they have access to all the resources essential to their growth and overall development.


As a sustainable brand, it is our endeavour to make the world a little better place with conscious and mindful solutions to help consumers get rid of toxicity and fight climate change.

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